Hey everybody!!  We hit the 3 month mark a week or so ago, and it has been an incredible ride. We have seen our dream take root in Reo Town and it is fantastic.  That brings me to #reotownnights.  One of our first goals was to join our friends at The Robin Theater and The Record Lounge to establish a night life in our neighborhood.   We started a regular schedule of live music at the shop and have been met with success.  Who doesn't love a free show!!  Add in #wednesdaynightwizards (you should be here every wednesday with your favorite game ready to find new friends) game nights and things are starting to solidify in our goal.  

We have so many ideas rolling around with our incredible group of creative friends there seems to be an endless stream of new gathering ideas for our space. If you have an idea please click over to the contact page and send us your thoughts. We are always open to work with people to make a great night for all.  Thank you so much for jumping in with us and helping us grow new ideas!  Here is a list of the working ideas we have in the mix:

Draw/Be Drawn- Portrait class open to the public.  You can draw or have your portrait drawn 

Artist gallery opening parties

Open mic nights- Music and comedy

Spits and Grins- A night of original poetry read by the writers themselves come early and sign up

Lansing 5:01 "networking" night- A chance to meet those facebook friends in the real world

Fundraiser events- Too many to really explain

Love you all!  Nick

Reo Town Greetings!


Reo Town Greetings!

Hello!  This is Nick here. Finally getting around to getting some thoughts down on the website.  It has been a roller coaster of events and emotions since we opened.  We are loving the overwhelming welcome we have gotten from our REO Town neighbors.  Thank you so much!